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Strange and Decadent

Farah Rose Smith was born and raised in Rhode Island. She is the author of the novellas ANONYMA, The Almanac of Dust, and Eviscerator. Her first collection of short fiction, Of One Pure Will, was released by Egaeus Press in 2019 and was re-released by Trepidatio Publishing in September of 2021.

Her writing has appeared in Lackington’s Magazine, Darker Magazine (Russia), Spectral Realms, Vasterien Literary Journal, Nightscript, Dead Reckonings, and more.

Smith holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Hunter College and is currently working towards a Master’s degree at Hunter College  in English. She is a book reviewer for Publisher’s Weekly , an SEO marketing freelancer, a writing tutor, and works part-time as a literary agent. She lives in New York City with her husband, author Michael Cisco, and their three cats.